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Many states require ATV insurance for vehicles operated on state-owned land. Your homeowners policy might not cover your ATV if you ride it off your own property. But Armor Insurance Professionals does. ATV insurance includes a wide range of coverages, such as collision, property damage, bodily injury, comprehensive, medical, and uninsured motorist.


Here are some tips to make your ATV insurance even more affordable:


  • Ride carefully. If you have violations on your driving record or claims on your ATV insurance policy, your rates will be higher.

  • Choose your ATV carefully. ATVs with higher displacement, or those that are considered more aggressive machines, typically cost more to insure based on the history of claims for those vehicles.

  • Combine policies. If you have more than one ATV, insure them all with one policy for a discount.


Keep in mind that with Armor Insurance Professionals, you get to personalize your insurance policies to suit your needs and circumstances. As a brokering agency, we can compare prices from different companies for you at no cost. Need help deciding on the right amount of protection that fits in your budget? Get an online quote now or speak with a friendly agent to get started!

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