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for the Ages


Grow and shape

the next generation

of insurance professionals

Join our journey.


Our agency, Armor Insurance Professionals, was founded in Scottsdale, AZ.


We then relocated to Tempe on the campus of Arizona State University, full of life, innovation, and energy as one of the largest universities in the nation.



After years of working with students in the area, we noticed their passion for learning and high potential to develop successful, satisfying careers in insurance. However, we find that many young adults either lack direction or are not aware of the job opportunities within our industry.


After much planning and collaboration with skilled architects, contractors, and other partners, renovations began for our state-of-the-art training center.


We envision:

High-tech conference rooms and workstations

We plan to integrate hardware and software for that will allow for the most efficient and effective workflow and communication. This includes:

  • Powerful workstations with multiple monitors per station

  • High-speed internet

  • Advanced voice/video conferencing technology

  • Large high-resolution displays for presentations and meetings

Internships, workshops, and training

Utilizing our high-tech training center, we plan to:

  • Educate young adults about various areas of insurance, including sales, marketing, design, underwriting, etc.

  • Host workshops and classes, led by professionals in their field

  • Provide first-hand experience working in their field of interest through internships

  • Provide scholarships as they work in insurance while attending college courses

Strong industry connections nationwide

We aim to serve the entire insurance industry and help other businesses thrive. Our training center will act as a hub for local and online talent recruitment. Through our programs, we want to cultivate skilled, resourceful, and dedicated employees who will be ready to join the insurance workforce, growing the industry on a national level.


As development continues, we are seeking to partner with others in the industry. As a collaborator, you will have the opportunity to revolutionize the insurance industry and ensure its longevity.

We believe that everyone, young or old, can find a passion within insurance that makes them excited to go to work. If we provide them with the knowledge and resources, this will enable our industry to continue to grow.

That's why we believe in


for the Ages

Become a partner

If interested, please contact Philip Lichter.

(480) 444 - 7086

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