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Holiday Insurance Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

It's the holiday season, and believe it or not, you aren’t alone when you end up making a claim. Here are some common insurance claims and what to do if they happen to you over the holiday season.

My dog ate my... pies??

Keep an eye on your food around the holidays. With everyone running around, putting final touches on things around the house, look out for pets that can get into your food! If your pet gets into—let’s say 4, 5, or even 6 of your dishes—the odds are they will get sick! Take them to a veterinarian right away, and make sure to call your insurance agent to see if they cover the trip to the vets office!

The Grinch

Yep, the holidays have a major increase in thefts, because people are buying a lot more and are also very busy. This can lead to you forgetting to lock the car or leaving a bag in a cart. Keep in mind that the people are out there trying to steal your stuff, so make sure you have the proper coverage before this happens, and if it does, call your insurance agent and they will be there to help!

Your Car Insurance

Make sure that your insurance is up to date! If you are living in the bitter cold, there is an increase in accidents due to storms and ice. If you are living somewhere warm, still make sure you are covered. Additionally, if you choose to have a few drinks at a holiday party, ensure that you have the proper coverage in the event that you let a friend drive your car.

The Christmas Tree

It happens. It's super important to turn your Christmas lights off when you aren’t home. If anything catches fire, that could be on you! The best thing to do is be preventative of a situation like this: turn your lights off, make sure they are away from flammable items, and finally, have the right insurance coverage in place.

The best thing to do for the holidays is to call and ensure that your specific policy is going to cover any unforeseen mishaps during the holidays. Our agents are always pleased to answer any questions involving holiday issues, because we all want you to have a safe and fun holiday season with no stress!

Happy Holidays!

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