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Liability (E&O)

We don’t like to admit that we make mistakes, but they still happen and you should prepare yourself for financial losses when they do. Lawsuits are more common now than ever, and if you’re a service professional who provides any kind of expertise or advice, you are especially at risk. If someone is trusting you for any decisions, you are legally liable for their potential losses. Fortunately, professional liability insurance can protect various professionals from their clients’ claims and lawsuits.


Who needs professional liability insurance?

Almost every professional is at risk for getting sued, so most professionals could benefit from this type of insurance. You should especially consider purchasing this policy if you are concerned that your company’s insurance policy will not cover for you during a lawsuit when there is a conflict of interest.


Most types of professionals who need this policy require a great deal of trust from their clients. Some common professions that should invest in this insurance include:

  • accountants

  • consultants

  • contractors

  • engineers

  • financial advisers

  • graphic designers

  • hairdressers

  • information technology consultants

  • insurance professionals

  • lawyers

  • management consultants

  • medical professionals

  • private investigators

  • real estate agents and brokers

  • software developers

  • wedding planners

However, this list is minuscule compared to all of the possible careers that could benefit from this insurance policy.


What can professional liability insurance cover?

Cost and coverage can vary depending on your profession. Here are common coverages that we offer:


  • Malpractice: This protects you against lawsuits that allege negligence or mistakes on-the-job.

  • Errors and Omissions Liability (E&O Insurance): This coverage protects professionals who offer advice or knowledge. Some examples include lawyers, consultants, real estate agents, stock brokers, and architects.

  • Directors and Officers Liability (D&O Insurance): This type of coverage is specific to high-ranking executives and protects them in situations regarding unlawful acts, poor investment decisions, hiring/firing conflicts, gross negligence, etc.

Keep in mind that with Armor Insurance Professionals, you get to personalize your insurance policies to suit your needs and circumstances. As a brokering agency, we can compare prices from different companies for you at no cost. Need help deciding on the right amount of protection that fits in your budget? Get an online quote now or speak with a friendly agent to get started!

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